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Conflict Resolution Skills That Are Highly Sought Out

Your boss is having the worst day of his or her life. The tension in the office could easily be cut with a knife and business and marketing partners are all pent up with stress. What is the one thing you probably need in that conference room right now to ease all the tension? To perhaps reach a peaceful compromise and a collaborative stance? There is no way you can call for an Arbitral Tribunal at that moment. But you definitely need to make a call for an employee that is highly skilled at solving conflicts!

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Every company needs a skilled individual who is capable of communicating, being a mediator, and most importantly be a problem solver. In this case, problem-solving involves a lot of other parties. The conflict could be between your supplier and your managers. Or it could be among the employees or the team organizers. No matter what, if the resolution is left hanging, it can cause friction in the work environment, disrupt the productivity of the workplace and potentially ruin the job satisfaction among employees as well.  All of these dire consequences are avoidable if we have a selection of employees with better conflict resolution skills. 

Conflict resolution skills do not happen overnight. Nor does it happen since birth. It is learned, practiced, and exercised. Companies can take the extra mile of training their employees to have proper conflict resolution certification or they can hire employees that have an aptitude for conflict resolution. Here are some of the skills employers constantly look out for when hiring their management staff and employees. 

Proper Communication Skills

Conflict resolution no matter what strategy or style we choose, requires great communication and negotiation skills. Relationships can only be mended back to the way they are or be improved only if people have an open communicator or learn how to do that. 

Active listening

This is something we all have been guilty of: Poor listening. When angry and frustrated, we often leave our ability to properly listen and be attentive to the other person. Their actions and words may sound like gibberish because the situation has left you feeling conflicted. However, you can avoid further conflictions and any worse progressions of the conflict by choosing to give attention properly. Be sure to have an open mind, and demonstrate that you are listening to them properly. Be confident, clear your confusions about their words, ask questions and when needed, ask about their goals. 

Having A Higher EI 

EI, also known as emotional intelligence much like our IQ is well sought out. Companies today are realizing that our knowledge is not what all matters but also our ability to handle emotions better. Meaning, we perceive and understand other parties so much more clearly and are able to empathize and speak according to the proper emotional presence. Being able to understand others is a huge plus point in the business world and companies understand that higher EI can lead to better solutions in the company. People with higher emotional intelligence are calmer and can strengthen their relationships in the business. 

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