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The Importance Of Science To Child’s Development

Small children are always curious and eager to ask questions all the time. They feel weird and they want to know about different things. And sometimes we have no answers to their question. They would usually ask the most unexpected questions like where do babies come from? Or what is polycarboxylate in Malaysia? Well, when they asked questions like this do we even know how to answer them? 

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That is why it is important for young and small children to be exposed to much different knowledge and one of them is science. Having exposure to science in their life is really important for the child’s development. Here are some of the reasons why science is important in a child’s development. 

  1. Love and Interest 

Being exposed to science at such a young age can develop interest and love in the world of science. Teaching science to these small children is not by asking them to sit still and lecture them about science. It is about experimenting and letting them participate in the activity. By exposing them to science and the fun behind it at such young age can make them have a bigger interest in it in the future. 

  1. Critical Thinking 

Science is all about solving problems and experimenting with different options. Practicing this at a young age can help these children to develop their critical thinking skills. They will become more observant and they will pay more attention to how to solve these problems. Critical thinking skills are important skills for everyone to have. To be able to think outside the box to solve problems. 

  1. Skills 

Participating in all of the activities and experiments is good for the children’s skills. They can develop different skills like their communication skills, motor skills, and team working. All of these skills are not something that we can teach them, it is something that they learn and develop by their own to experience. 

  1. Better Understanding 

Learning science can help these children to have a better understanding of how things work. For example, by teaching them about weather they will know how the rainbow is made, and they will not think that leprechauns make rainbows. 

  1. Creative and Innovative 

They will have more creative thinking skills and they will usually think outside of the box. Not only that, children that are being exposed to science will be more innovative to create and experiment with different things. They will have the courage to take the risk and solve a certain issue. 

These are the reasons why it is important for us to expose science to children. Especially when they are still young and small. Their curious little mind is the perfect time for you to teach them and explain to them. Teaching these small children doesn’t have to be a serious time instead try to have fun with your small one and enjoy the moment. This way the child will appreciate and love it more. 

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