Clara Paolucci HK VISUALS 5500 scaled 891x594 - 3 tips to enhance your sensuality with sexy underwear

3 tips to enhance your sensuality with sexy underwear

Erotic lingerie has always been used as a method of excitement to increase desire, both for us and with your own partner. Since the beginning of time, garments of this style were used, even in ancient Egypt this type of garment could be found. 

Feel comfortable with yourself

Clara Paolucci HK VISUALS 5500 scaled 1024x683 - 3 tips to enhance your sensuality with sexy underwear

One of the most important tips for you when buying sexy lingerie is that you always choose those models with which you can feel comfortable. It is useless if you choose clothes that fit your body perfectly if then, at the moment you want to move, it is so tight that you hardly get it. The main thing is to find a model of your size, many times you tend to select garments that are smaller and end up showing those meats that they do not want to show, or on the contrary, a garment that is of a larger size and you end up dancing inside it. Ideally, try different models to see which one suits you best. In addition, one of the keys to sex. It is to vary as much as possible to avoid routine, so you should have men’s underwear ( boxer, briefs, thongs …) and women’s (bras, lingerie sets, culottes …) different for depending on the occasion and renew your wardrobe continuously.

Always choose special and unique designs

When you have to choose a 18 Plus Malaysia underwear model it is important that it is different from the ones you can already have at home. An important point to keep in mind is that beige lingerie is not at all erotic, practical yes, erotic not so much anymore. The colors that usually “succeed” are usually black, red and white, but nothing stops you when it comes to choosing other shades.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that, as a type of garment fits well, it will not continue to innovate to look for another however, lose the opportunity to find another that may fit you even better, apart from keeping in mind that your body and trends change over time, so wear the same erotic lingerie as when you were 20 years younger, it’s not a good idea.

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