Accounting and Accountancy - A Degree in Accounting

A Degree in Accounting

Many youngsters nowadays graduate high school without knowing what they want to do afterwards.
Some would start doing part times so that they can have the money while making up their mind
whether they would want to pursue their studies or just start working. Even if some students made
up their mind to pursue their studies, sometimes they do that without having a clear decision on the
course they would like to take for a degree. Due to this, for certain students, their parents would
decide for them and eventually, while taking it, they would realize that they absolutely hate the
course. To prevent this, students should try to research subjects offered in universities around them,
if they really do not know what to take. As for this article, it would recommend students to take
accounting as their major in university because it is one of the best courses offered with a bright
prospect in the work field.

1 – Accountant is needed in every industry
Every business needs an accountant to manage their financial activities. It is why accounting is
considered as a professional occupation. Anything that has to deal with a company’s accounts, the
bank, taxes and other financial tasks, is all handled by an accountant and that makes them very
valuable to companies. This is also the reason accountant jobs pay quite high compared to other
works. If you are an accountant, you can find a job anywhere you go with a good pay because you
have the right qualifications.

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2 – Build your own accountancy firm
With a degree in accounting, you can build your own accountancy firm and if your company is good,
you will gain many clients because as mentioned before, an accountant is needed everywhere.
Companies are also willing to pay big prices if your company has established its name as one of the
best. Accountancy firms can be very stable financially because as long as you have a list of loyal
clients, you don’t exactly have to worry. If you are not interested in opening up an accountancy firm,
however, you can open up a business and because you are an accountant, you can handle the
company’s finance yourself without having to hire others. Your knowledge of knowing the ins and
outs of various industries would allow you to have the upper hand when it comes to starting a
business and becoming an entrepreneur.

3 – Volunteer work expands your connection
Believe it or not, many non-government organisations recruit volunteers to help them manage their
financial activities so that any events would run smoothly. Global organisations like WHO, WWF and
UN need the help from professionals to do some work for them and many of these professionals are
accountants. This is because of a fund shortage which makes them seek for volunteers to do the
work. Through these volunteering programs, you can travel places and meet people from different
parts of the world. You can connect with these high caliber individuals, share knowledge and apply it
to your fixed job. You can even ask for favours in the future, like writing recommendation letters or
finding you a job.

These are only three reasons why a student should pursue a degree in accounting. This is merely a
suggestion; students should make up their own mind because it is their future on the line. Parents
should never decide their children’s major and give excuses such as “they don’t know any better”,
because if they are presented with the options, they can make their own decision. If you are an
accountant student looking for a job during these hard times, you can search for professional
accounting services in Malaysia
and you will find jobs suitable for you.

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