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A Guide To Website Building

People in the 21st century have gotten used to technology that it’s become muscle memory for us at this point. Even toddlers in their strollers can be seen carrying an Ipad with them. 

Most businesses have taken this into effect and have made the user experience for most things easier and simpler for people to use. From phones to certain software. Website building used to be a thing that most people used to fear and hide from because it was so complicated as most people weren’t used to technology back then as we are right now.

There are three ways you can tackle this obstacle. You can either do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

If you want to do it yourself then you can choose two routes. The harder but more controlled route or the easier route. If you were to choose the harder route then you would be programming the website yourself but if you choose the easier route then you would be using a website service that people provide.

1. The Programming Route

If you choose the harder route then you have to code the website yourself. You would need the basics of HTML5 to create the basic framework of the website. Next, you would use CSS to create the basic layout and theme of the website. Remember that these software work hand in hand and you would need one or the other for it to work efficiently. You would also need Javascript and Bootstrap to further develop and refine the website. It would definitely take longer than the other options on the list but after finishing it you would have the knowledge of how to code and build a website using the software mentioned above.

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2. The Website Builder Route

This route would be the easiest and probably cheapest way to build a website. There are various websites that help you build the websites that you desire without needing the knowledge of coding using Html, CSS and such. The website will sometimes ask you questions on what you’d want on your website and after all the questions you would have a fully functioning website. After this, you can further develop the website by adding the features you’d want.

3. The Outsourcing Route

Back in the day, It was impossible to find a website designers Malaysia had to offer but now you can easily find them everywhere. All you’d have to do is look up online on places that’d offer the website building service. Normally they’d talk to you and ask you questions on what you’d want the website to be and how you’d want it to look like. They would then pitch to you a vision they’d have for the website and how it should be. Normally they’d take everything into the website and give you a pitch based on how your business should run with the website. They can even help with setting an E-Commerce site that would require a complicated payment system.

Before you start building a website, You should take all of this into account and make an informed decision as this could make or break your business.

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