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Are You Going To Invest In Real Estate?

The purchase agreement and additional provisions contain complex information. Lawyers have always checked for these and the lawyers must be someone who has experience in legal checking of these types of documents.

Maintain Your Network

Within the real estate sector, it is smart to invest in relationships. You are going to invest money in real estate and are therefore often dependent on parties that make your return. Not only with the purchase, but also the maintenance and rental. With the right relationships and connections, you often take a few steps further and you can get help where it is needed. The condo for sale cheras is perfect in this case.

Would You Like Advice On Investing In Real Estate?

Advice on investing in real estate is important. You can obtain this advice from us without obligation. Immediately contact us to schedule an appointment.

If you are going to start investing in real estate, the help of an expert is desirable. The expert will be happy to help you with your desired Cheras house for sale. Together with you, we make a plan of action and we look at the possibilities for a suitable investment property. You are welcome with us for:

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Guidance and advice during viewing

  • Making efficiency calculations for comparison with your own calculations
  • Requesting required documents, cadastral investigation, zoning plan, and soil
  • Advice on required rental permits and fire safety requirements
  • Negotiating prices and resolutive conditions
  • Legal Control of the purchase agreement and additional provisions
  • Organize final inspection and guidance at the notary
  • Renting out the investment property, possibly including property management.

Advantages of investing in real estate

Investing in real estate and the Cheras property can also be very interesting for you. After all, it has many advantages to invest in a (commercial) investment property or student house. Of course it is always important to invest in a safe and responsible manner. 

  • Direct and solid return, due to fixed rental income.
  • Indirect return, due to expected long-term increase in value.
  • If you invest in private, you will benefit from the many tax benefits of Box.
  • With inflation, money becomes worthless, but ‘stones’ retain their value.
  • The mortgage interest is relatively low, so you benefit from leverage.
  • Rents are rising due to various economic and political circumstances.

If you are planning to buy a property in the city of Rotterdam, it is wise to find an experienced real estate agent to help you make the best decision. A real estate agent Rotterdam is a person who acts as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller and is a legal representative who represents one of the parties involved in a real estate transaction.

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