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Before renting a house

Many listings of real estate properties are provided online with so many of these, which property
I rent anyway? In Malaysia, Mutiara Damansara apartment for rent or even the Mutiara
Damansara house for rent offers a lot of choices. The same is true in affluent districts like KL
Sentral, KLCC and Mont Kiara now offering many apartments and condo for rent but how or
what to choose among these many options?

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Nowadays with increasing prices of mortgages and hefty amounts needed for buying a house,
many are not able to afford and are beyond reach for most. The next best thing to do now
instead is to save money to buy that dream house someday while renting a place for the
meantime. However with the millennial thinking, many would prefer to rent instead due to
flexibility of moving places if ever one decides to transfer places particularly due to job reasons.
Whatever the reason may be, it is notable to consider the following to make renting easier and
productive. In deciding where to rent, it is better to check the location prior to renting first. This
will depend on your aim or goal as to why you would want to rent the place. For those working, it
is a good idea to check first whether the renting place is near your workplace. If you have to
spend much for transportation to your workplace from your renting apartment then renting that
place would be a total waste. For students, make sure the house or apartment is near your
campus. Just like in the workplace, this will minimise commuting time and fare. Check the area
first and see for other available amenities depending on your needs. If you are always
commuting then check for available modes of transportation in the area like trains or buses or
other vehicles that will make access to the workplace or school easier. You can also check
other amenities that are within walking distance such as grocery stores, laundry area, and parks
and so on. You can do a survey by asking friends or acquaintances living in the same area you
are planning to rent. Still some have online reviews you can access and check if you want.
Once you decide on where to rent, it is best to check out personally the places you have
chosen. And adjust your needs accordingly like if you can’t stand the noisy environment at night
then visit the place during night time and see for yourself the noise sources you have to combat
in the future yourself if you decide to rent the place. Or if you can visit the place during the rainy
season and check for probable areas of flooding and other areas prone to natural disasters. Or
in cases where you have difficulty tolerating too much humidity or heat, then check the place
during the afternoons where it will be stricken with the most heat.
There are still many things one has to consider before renting apartments especially in busy
cities like KL Sentral, KLCC and Mont Kiara. This is only one of the many tips one has to take
before renting that place. It would be best to do your research beforehand to avoid long term
regrets. Visit if you interest to buy or rent property.

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