men working on concrete - Concrete hardening accelerator: application, principle of operation, manufacturers

Concrete hardening accelerator: application, principle of operation, manufacturers

In the construction industry, when concreting a structure, additives for the rapid hardening of concrete are in special demand. They increase the strength characteristics of the material, which makes it possible to shorten the duration of its exposure and speed up the entire construction process as a whole. The use of special accelerators is an effective technological method with the help of which it is possible to reduce the cost of building material and improve the economic and technical conduct of the organization’s activities.


  • Operating principle
  • Domestic additives
  • Foreign
  • Conditions for the use of accelerators

It is advisable to use additives for quick hardening of concrete in the following cases:

When carrying out work in winter, when there is a decrease in temperature to 0 degrees. And if it’s freezing outside, the moisture freezes. It is possible to achieve full hardening of concrete if the concrete is heated, and the use of accelerators reduces the heating time, and reduces energy costs.

When arranging early formwork, when the timing of the tooling turnover is important.

To be able to carry out construction work before the 4 weeks have passed, necessary for the concrete mixture to harden.

In the production of concrete products in large quantities. The use of additives will allow using fewer molds and quickly producing batches of quality products.

To optimize the plastic characteristics of the mortar and the strength of the hardened concrete.

How additives work

The functioning of the presented compositions for concrete hardening is based on the activated chemical reaction of cement with water with the formation of crystalline hydrates. In the course of the reaction, gels are formed as quickly as possible, taking moisture into their cells in large quantities.

The influence of accelerators involved in exchange reactions is not uniform. Under their influence, the surface area of ​​the artificial stone increases and the average porous size decreases. Due to the development of the structure of micropores, the speed of water binding increases. This is achieved as a result of a spontaneous process of increasing the concentration of the solute. The volume of bound moisture under the action molasses supplier Malaysia and additive increases up to 1.3 times, depending on the concentration and type of the composition used.

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