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Four Beginner-friendly Tips For Gorgeous Instagram Pictures

“Good cameras only take good pictures” You need to stop telling yourself this lie. This simply is not true, not even for the top social media and marketing services in Malaysia

Good photos are not about the expensive gear but more about one’s perspective.  

More often than not, even your outdated phone camera can manage to look good with good lighting, the perfect combination of editing and placement. 

After years of experiments with Phone photography and playing around with dozen too many editing apps, let me share my tips for gorgeous Instagram photography. 

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  1. Natural Lighting 

Cringe-worthy pictures come from horrible lighting. The most basic and simple photography rule that we all must remember is that lighting can make all the difference in a picture.

 Natural lighting can do wonders for your personal pictures as well as business product photography. Natural light provides the perfect combination of depth, shade, clarity, and exposure to make the color pop up really well. 

So next time make sure to face the light as you pose. Light from the back can also bring out a dewy texture in the picture that is very much desired in today’s trends.  No matter where you are, be sure to choose your timings carefully to get the optimal natural lighting.

2. Rule Of Thirds 

When you place your phone to take the picture, do you think about the subject of the picture? 

To follow this rule, make sure to turn on the feature for grids on your phone and use the lines on the grids as guidance. The rule of thirds advises us to place the subject of the picture or the point of interest in such a way that the points meet the intersections of the grid lines.

Most phone cameras come with the feature of composition overlay aid or grids, to help you compose your subject properly. 

3. Ditch The Automated Filters

Normally a good-quality photograph is never slapped on with an automated filter from the Instagram app.

 Influencers and photographers use a separate mobile editing app to edit their pictures for Instagram. They make their own filters on these applications by playing around with exposure, contrast, and curve. 

You will learn the terminologies of these editing apps as you continue to use them and familiarize yourself with them.  

Editing also can help you crop the picture to make sure the subject of the picture pops out and manually adjusting the colors will help your pictures look more aesthetic

4. Study Various Angles 

When taking pictures, angles are just as important as your composition. Angling a picture from downwards sometimes may work while in some cases it simply does not. 

To give more depth and space to photos, don’t be scared to experiment and place yourself on different heights while taking the pictures. We have seen enough videos of people climbing on rocks or squatting down to take pictures for their friends. 

While it may look ridiculous to the stranger’s eye, that is exactly how we get the best angles. 

These four tips are beginner-friendly and can really help elevate your pictures to bring out the “wow” factor or in this case the aesthetic factor. The more we begin to experiment with the right type of lighting, studying angles and mobile editing apps, the more we learn how to take better pictures. 

So don’t be shy and try out these tips now for gorgeous pictures. Don’t be limited by the gadget you have. Your best camera is the current gadget you have and be sure to use it well! 

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