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Importance Of Flowers In Weddings

Aesthetics could be the prime reason why a bride to be will likely choose a particular kind of flower as part of her bridal bouquet. It is understandable of course since it is also the main reason why they are always included in every wedding. But, is the importance of these flowers only in the aesthetics part? Not really, if you will learn more about them, each of them have their own meaning and it will be better in fact if aside from its beauty, it can also be a part of the reason why they will be chosen.

For the enlightenment of those about to be wed, these are the meanings and relevance of the most common flowers being used in weddings:

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Rose – this is the most common flower used in weddings. You will most of the time see them in the bridal bouquets, and even in other occasions like in graduations as in corsage and many more. Actually, the reason these flowers are very well loved is because they mean love. Though not all roses mean love, other colors have different meanings.

Calla lily – this is another kind of flower that you will often see as well in bridal bouquets. This flower signifies great beauty, thus they are appropriate for every bride. With the amazing look of this flower, it can surely stand on its own and should make an amazing centerpiece aside from that of a bridal bouquet.

Stephanotis – This is really meant for weddings as this trumpet looking flower means marital bliss. That is why it is considered as a traditional kind of flower for every wedding. 

Chrysanthemums – a great combination for every flower for the reason that they have no scents to go against any kind of flowers. They should look good for bridal bouquets as well when combined with other flowers. This flower means wealth or abundance. 

Orchids – Actually, this flower is considered as an elite kind for bridal bouquet not only because this is a little costly but also because of its striking look. But if you can afford them, then the better for they are really appropriate for weddings as they mean love and beauty combined. 

Tulips – This spring flower is definitely one of the best for weddings because of their meaning which is endless love. You need to be careful with them though especially when part of a bridal bouquet for they are very delicate and will be damaged easily. 

With so many choices to choose from, I am very sure you together with your wedding florist will easily find one that you think will be fitting for your theme. Whatever budget you have, there are just a number of flowers that will fit to it including to your choice of theme. 

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