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Negative effects of playing video games

Video games are really fun to play and people usually spend most of their time playing video games. Playing video games is good to help us to relieve our stress from having a long and tiresome day. It is true that playing video games can bring benefits to the player. If you are interested in playing games, checkout 918kiss Download for interesting games. But, spending too much time on video games is not really good as it will affect your physical and mental health. There are several negative effects when you spend too much time playing video games. 

  1. Becomes too addicted to the video game

Video games can make someone become very attached and addicted to the game as they want to keep playing the video game. The feeling of pleasure when you play the game is called dopamine that makes you get attached to the video game and also makes you feels like there is nothing else that can make you feel entertained except the video games. Even if you want to give up on video games, your mind will stimulate your body to do things that make you want to play video games back such as watching videos about video games on Youtube or searching for other video games that are best to play.

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  1. May cause physical health problems

Spending too much time on video games might cause you to have physical health problems such as back problems, eye problems, obesity and many more. Back problems happen when you sit down and play video games in the same position for a long period of time. This can cause your back to become a strain and you feel pain in the back of your body. Next is eye problems. Eye problems are common among gamers because they spend a long time looking at a screen that has high brightness. This is not good because it may cause your vision to become blurry or even blind if not treated early. Lastly is obesity. Most gamers eat snacks and junk food while they spend their time playing video games which are not healthy for their body. Plus, playing video games did not have a lot of physical movement which will encourage the factors of obesity.

  1. May influence kids on bad attitudes.

There are a few video games that have bad elements in it such as violence, gangsterism, drugs, sexual content and many more. When kids play video games, they might have followed the footsteps of the video game and applied it to real life. This is dangerous because they might do illegal acts such as taking drugs, killing people, swearing and many more. Before your kids become too attached to video games, we have to control the time that they spend on video games. 

In conclusion, video games can bring negative effects to the players that are too attached or addicted to video games. The effects can be pretty dangerous to other people and it might cause someone’s life to be taken. To avoid that from happening, control the amount of time that you spend on video games and play video games moderately. It is good to play video games just for fun but too much on good things is bad for us.

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