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Postnatal Breast Care for Mothers

Motherhood is a rewarding experience in several ways for the families involved. It is an emotional, physical and even spiritual journey for the mind and body as both change drastically during the pregnancy itself and after childbirth. Many mothers, though they are grateful for the new life they give, need to allow their bodies a chance to heal soon after giving birth because, while it is a miraculous and wholesome event, childbirth is not an easy feat. It is essential to shed light on postnatal care strategies that continue to help mothers of all ages to best provide for their children while catering to their own needs. 

Some women report emotional turbulence not only prior and post childbirth as their bodies attempt to return to their former selves, having served their purpose as a home for the new baby. There are methods of managing this rollercoaster to optimise the comfort of the woman as she continues to fulfil her role of mother. Breastfeeding is one of the opportunities for a mother to offer bonding to their child. It is an intimate  moment for both, but it can sometimes be difficult and uncomfortable for the mother if she is experiencing breast chafing, swelling and pain around the nipple. 

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Motherhood comes with numerous body changes: stretch-marks, weight gain, and even nipple pains developed during breastfeeding their little ones. Though many companies cater to postnatal care in the form of exercise, dietary needs and body mark reduction serums, not many provide a solution for breastfeeding mothers experiencing soreness and cracking around the nipple. Nipple creams can often be a concoction of harmful substances which raises a concern in mothers. These additives and artificial ingredients often provide faster results which can be harmful, not only, to them, but their young ones when suckling. Similarly, creams that claim to remove visible scarring may be polluted with numerous toxic ingredients that can cause harm if the skin absorbs large amounts. Nipple care cream Malaysia attempts to provide a safe, skin-friendly breast moisturiser to help new mothers struggling during breastfeeding.

One may decide to switch to breast pumping, but some women state that it takes away the crucial bonding experience with their child and it may still prove uncomfortable because breast pumps do focus on the nipple area to extract milk. Other new mothers have turned to clinical products to heal their sore breasts, which is certainly a viable choice for those who want to continue breastfeeding in comfort.

Natural ingredients, however, offer the same results with a lowered risk to the mother or her child making breastfeeding a comfortable experience for both of them. Ultimately, mothers may consider using more organic or predominantly natural products, especially during this important stage where there is an exchange of fluids between them and their baby.

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