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Steps to build your first video game

One of the things that most investors or people who are looking to expand their bankroll overlook is the video game industry. Video games don’t really cross people’s minds when they think about huge returns on investment. Take Rockstar Games for example. They first started out of humble beginnings and they came up with games like Grand Theft Auto 1 and Red Dead Redemption 1. These games would only make them a solid profit but not a big one. But they kept at it and built more game up like the ones mentioned above and other titles such as Bully and LA Noire. Their two leading titles to date are GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 and they made close to 8 Billion dollars to date combined and they only started with an initial investment of 700 Million combined. Which adds up to a return of investment of almost 9 fold. How do you make such money and how do you get the ball rolling?

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  1. Concept

The first big step into taking on any project essentially is by coming up with a rough concept of the game you wanna build. In this concept, You’d also want to come up with the figures that you’d be looking to spend on such as marketing, payroll of employees and other financial needs. You should also take the time to come up with a projected figure of how much you could potentially make profit wise so that your potential investors might want to invest in you. It;s important to keep the figures honest as you don’t want to over promise your investors as that can mean real trouble for you, especially in a court of law. 

  1. Finding Investors

You can look around and call certain companies that might have an interest in investing in video game development companies. You can then proceed to take your rough concept and you can promote your video game in order to entice your investors into potentially investing in the game. Most people don’t make it out of this stage that often so it’s crucial that you provide the best concept you can and the right numbers.

  1. Game development

Once the investment is secured, you can then proceed to begin the development phase. At this point use should enforce a proper hierarchy to ensure that the workload is distributed efficiently. Once a rough beta of the game is done, You can release it in places such as steam, origin or epic games in order to firstly promote your game and secondly, get data from the users as you can get feedback from them and work out all the kinks that the game throws out. After you’re done fixing all the problems then you can release on the same channel that you released it on for the beta version and people can start paying for it and start playing it. Once you’re done releasing you can then work on new updates on the game to make it more exciting to play and to keep it relevant like GTA 5 does.

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