Trendy MCO Time Passers

MCO has made many of us become couch potatoes. Most of us have never properly left our homes unless it’s for grocery runs the past year. Now that the second MCO has come to light and left for some states, working from home is still in the rage. Many students have had to use their time to study the subject by themselves when they usually have the help from others. Kids have had to not meet their friends for over a year and when they did, the pandemic got worse, So we’ve gathered some trendy MCO time passers that you can do besides the typical ones like instgraming.

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You can start by learning. Now there are countless materials online for you to learn trading or other financial information. You can visit youtube and learn from creators such as Graham Stephan, Dave Ramsey and Meet Kevin. These creators provide information on the best credit cards, best high yield savings accounts, investment stocks and many other information many others wouldn’t disclose. If you’re not very interested you can even try learning other information such as baking or cooking. These tips will only help you grow in the long term. There are countless cooking and baking youtubers such as Binging with babish, delish, tasty and many others. You can impress your family members with your newfound cooking skills. Now you can even experiment and document your cooking experiments with your family members.

Next you can learn about cfd trading platforms. Trading has become extremely trendy the past year and many people are jumping on the bandwagon so that they can catch a glimpse of the luck. Cryptocurrency has also become a new trend in the last two years. Bitcoin is now doing better than ever and with TESLA’s investment in bitcoin, it skyrocketed bitcoin’s value. Now other cryptocurrency such as dogecoin has appeared while the Malaysian government does not allow for their people to buy the dogecoin currency, they can certainly do so via a VPN so keep your eye out for the goods. You can invest in a global cryptocurrency app called LUDO. You can grow and diversify your financial portfolio with these tips.

Next, you can also do DIY crafts with your family. Since we’re stuck with our family members more than ever, use this time to have fun and make the time count. Many people film their happiest moments on TIKTOK during a pandemic. You can also hop on the trend and learn how to film quality content. Who knows maybe you can be the next Charlie d’amelio or Bella Poarch. The famous teens now can get income from their tiktok creators fund.  The D’Amelio’s now even have a show with Hulu documenting their day-to -day lives with the channel.

Now that we’ve shared our tips and tricks on how you can maximise your time at this MCO, we hope you can utilise it to your fullest potential. It is a tough time for many of us and we hope you can find some happiness in the activities we suggested and maybe do other activities with your family members. 

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