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What Gamers Want From Their Game

In our current modern way of living with all the advanced technologies around us, there are so many things that become easier and available for us, including manufacturing, making coffee at home, marketing with digital platforms, and etc. But that is not what we would like to talk about today. Today, I am going to talk about what gamers would want from their games. Therefore, if you are a game developer Malaysia, this article is for you. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways of studying and learning on any subjects and skills including game development. If you are actually good at it, you can be recognized and get any awards such as one of the 3 game developers Malaysia or best game developers Malaysia. If you are not but you have the basic skills, not to worry because the first thing you should know is what gamers want from their games, and maybe after you know that, you know what element you should focus on. 

One of the things that gamers want from their games is the graphic. Therefore, before anything else, you should know your audience is, and what kind of technologies they are using. Because good graphics determines how long your players will stay in your games. Different types of phones have different kinds of game graphics. For example, an iPhone 12 has a high definition graphic where people would enjoy the gameplay because they would not feel annoyed or bothered by it. 

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Secondly, players would demand balanced characters in the game. It is definitely understandable, certain gameplay requires players to fight, and sometimes it seems unfair when certain characters are overpowered than the others. Somehow it would make it un-enjoyable for players and over time people would not want to play because of the unfair character development. 

Last but not least is that sometimes you might have your own target audience, but you should be able to offer it universally to every available smartphone as sometimes players would love to try out your games, but sometimes it is not available on their smartphones. For instance, certain games on Google Playstore are not available on Apple Store. Another example, certain games on Google Playstore are free but require payments on Apple Store. That will make the players disappointed, especially once they pay but it is not as good as other free games. Thus, you have to be really careful and thoughtful about it so you are able to give a good experience for everyone.

In conclusion, being a game developer can be tough and hard, when no one said it is easy, but I believe that with good determination and strong will, you are able to get where you want to be, as long as you want to learn and improve. Other than that, I suggest you come up with survey forms and questionnaires, for your players and friends so you would understand them better and serve what they love. Moreover, I do not think that no one would play your games, but if you want to attract more players, you would have to do it with how your players want it.

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