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Why choose optical fiber for your home?

Optical fiber is currently an essential technique in new technologies. It is a very fine glass or plastic wire, which has the property of being a conductor of light and is used in the transmission of data by light. Let’s take a look at how this technology works and its different uses, both at home and in business.    

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The mode of operation of optical fiber

To better understand the mode of deployment of optical fiber, it would be useful to know in detail its composition. So, it should be noted that an optical fiber is made up of three elements. It contains a part called the “heart”, another, known as the “sheath” and finally an external protection.

The heart of the fiber is made up of a transparent medium in which the light stagnates, thus remaining confined in the cable. Thus the data, corresponding to very short light pulses, travel at the speed of light.

The different uses for individuals.

Guarantee the good quality of data transmission

Unlike copper wires (used for cable and VDSL lines), optical fiber carries data over very long distances with virtually no signal attenuation, regardless of the location of the home.

Download large files from the internet

This very high speed allows subscribers to benefit from incomparable ease of use. Downloading videos, receiving emails, reading files: all these activities are done very quickly thanks to the fiber.

Take part in online games

Online gaming enthusiasts will be able to benefit from a fast display time, more responsiveness and an almost instantaneous response time for online games.

Enjoy HD channels without interruption

HD channels need around 8 Mbit / s to be broadcast in good conditions. Only fiber offers households enough speeds to guarantee viewers an enhanced television experience.

For companies

Improve productivity gain

Optical fiber, through its high speed and low latency, allows companies to be more responsive, save on travel costs and develop new, highly multimedia applications such as teleworking, IP telephony, etc.

Secure the company’s sites

With unifi broadband package optical fiber, it is possible to interconnect company sites. This technology improves data transmission speed, optimizes project processing time and secures data and information flows throughout the company’s IT structure.

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