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Why Travel For A Living?

The future of travel still seems so bleak. The pandemic has been horrible for everyone in the travel and tourism industry. So is travel still feasible to do for a living?

Yes, it is!

The world needs to travel more than ever. In the post-pandemic world, travelers will be sought out all over the world for business purposes. Travelers can come from any field of the world. Registered Nurses, athletes, and even a binary system MLM. Travelers earn money through affiliate marketing, or blogging, or influencer marketing, and some even doing videography around the world. 

Is this enough to convince you to pack your bags and get going with your remote work life abroad? 

Let’s have a look at the reasons why you should travel for a living.

  • Freedom and Independence

Traveling and moving to foreign countries gives us an immense sense of independence we have never experienced before. When you reach a foreign land and live there legally you are the destination, after spending thousands on the flight, insurance, and visa. You have spent much of your time preparing for this long journey of transition to another country. It takes an incredible amount of willpower and patience to actually go through the process. In the end, we are left with a sense of independence and freedom acquired from moving and now living in a foreign country. 

  • New Food And Culture

Every country has a delightful cuisine and new culture that we need to accept with open arms. It is respectful to learn their customs and values. But once we learn them and respectfully adjust to them, locals will surely accept you as one of their own communities. You are blessed with a new cuisine full of spices and ingredients that are unique and so delicious. Valuable lessons come from the new food and the new cultural values you learn. And it is different with every country we travel to. The Japanese culture, customs, and food are different from that of Vietnam. Each as exciting as the other. 

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  • Making Friends From All Over The World

Getting out of the concrete lifestyle and to a new country means that you need new friends to adjust to the new place. It is necessary to befriend the locals befriending other travelers like you is also important. You can feel a sense of belonging and connection to people who share similar stories as you. You have the opportunity to gain lifelong friends that will remain a huge milestone in your life. As we keep traveling we will continue to meet different people from different corners of the world. Each and everyone with a unique story of their own but still has a place for connection and love. 

  • Boost Of Confidence 

 Traveling and working is daunting. You need an immense amount of confidence to keep going. Traveling itself is a huge confidence booster. As we learn new languages, mingle with other cultures, and embrace them, we learn new skills and become confident on our skin. If you are not at your most confident point when beginning your journey, that is perfectly okay! We build our confidence as we continue to travel.

  • Breathtaking Views And New Adventures Everyday

The biggest perk of traveling is perhaps the adventurous notion of it. Waking up every day to a new view, far away from home can be very exciting. Wonderful adventures await you every day. New hues of sunrise and sunset. Beautiful lake to walk by and hills to hike. Depending on the city you travel to there is always a spectacular view waiting for you.

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